Empathetic. Collaborative. People-oriented. Compassionate.


We believe that these traits define successful tech leaders — female and male.

Having witnessed success in the tech community first-hand, we have learned one thing for certain: successful tech leaders are those who appreciate the power of teamwork, who strive to understand the human condition, and who build products that improve people's lives.

Like many others, we read the Google engineer's memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” with disappointment and frustration. But a few words used by the author resonated with us — and not in the way that you might expect. While the author of the memo indicates that empathy, cooperativeness, and an interest in people are characteristics of women that render them biologically unfit to succeed in certain tech careers, our experience is quite the opposite. We think that these qualities are essential to achieving successful tech leadership.

So, we decided to put a different spin on the author’s words and wear them proudly on a t-shirt.

In our design, we've freed his words of their derogatory connotation and reframed them into a positive message. Our hope is that the t-shirt's statement will spark a discussion about leadership in the tech community that empowers rather than suppresses — and that demonstrates the conviction that leadership is a matter of character, not gender.

We hope that this message resonates with you and welcome you to share your thoughts on what successful leadership means to you by using #TechLeadersAre and #GoogleMemo.


Lauralynn and Tina